Custom Mob Spawner Mod for Minecraft 1.10/1.9.4/1.9


Custom Mob Spawner Mod 1.8.8, 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2

The Custom Mob Spawner 1.8.8, by DrZhark is a really convenient utility that gives players full control over how mobs spawn. The amount of options the mod offers is pretty overwhelming; you can choose where the mobs will spawn, the kind of mobs that will spawn and of course how many of them. This is a much helpful mod for obvious reasons and really easy to use since it can simply be downloaded and put into the mod folder then it will take care of the rest on its own.

Custom Mob Spawner Mod 1.8.8, 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2
Custom Mob Spawner Mod 1.8.8, 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2

I have developed a Tool called ‘CustomSpawner’ that offers modders the ability to have their custom mobs spawned in a similar way than Minecraft prior to 1.8. Every mod will have its individual spawning list, so other mods won’t interfere with the spawning settings.

Below are procedures to install mod Custom Mob Spawner Mod 1.8.8, 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2

  1. Before every process you need to make sure that your minecraft in this mod version (example minecraft 1.9 and 1.9 shaders mod) ..
  2. You need to install Forge Mod according to the version of the mod used too!
  3. After installing the forge, press, type %AppData%\.Minecraft/mods if everything went correctly you will be in the mods folder of your minecraft .. if it not works, manually look inside the Roaming folder for .minecraft/mods ..
  4. Place the MOD file in the mods folder, without extracting .. will be a RAR or ZIP file!
  5. Your Mod is ready, enjoy!

Download Custom Mob Spawner Mod 1.8.8, 1.8, 1.6.4, 1.5.2:

(For Minecraft 1.8.X)


CustomMobSpawner 2.3.1 mirror (For Minecraft 1.6.2)

CustomMobSpawner v2.2.5 Mirror (For Minecraft 1.5.2)

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