Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.12.2 apk free download


Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.12.2 apk free download

Minecraft PE 0.12.2 APK Released over five years ago back in 2009, Minecraft has proved itself to be a sensational game that caters to all kinds of audiences and is more than capable of keeping anyone entertained for hours upon hours. As the popularity of the game grew, so did the platforms that it existed upon and low and behold now we have a pocket edition for it that works on various mobile devices and can be taken with you on the go if you’re looking to have your daily fill of Minecraft but can’t take out the time to go on a desktop PC to enjoy it.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.2 apk free download
Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.12.2 apk free download
Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Before going into further details regarding it, it’s worth pointing out that despite it being a mobile version it’s by no means a lite edition of the game which means that players will be able to enjoy all the crucial features of the game without having to sacrifice some of the greatest things about it due to the platform difference. Another thing worth mentioning is that it supports multiple languages which allows players from around the world to enjoy the game without the hassle of any kind of language barrier and that’s quite commendable.


One of the biggest issues that arise when porting such a large scale game to a platform such as mobile devices is whether or not the devices will be able to support the game and run it without having severe drops in framerate or quality. Fortunately, the pocket edition of Minecraft PE 0.12.1 is a brilliant and really well designed port that functions seamlessly without having to compromise on things such as quality or variety. It’s incredible how reminiscent of the original it is despite the fact that it’s on a completely new and arguably slower platform.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.1
Minecraft – Pocket Edition 0.12.1

Game Modes

Of course it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, although the pocket edition delivers on a lot of things expected from it, it still tends to fall behind in various different aspects and the most noteworthy being patches. Compared to other large scale versions such as the PC, the pocket edition of Minecraft is usually the last one to receive the latest updates which can be slightly tedious for those who are avid players and want to remain up to date at all times. However, this is ultimately an issue that can be fixed with a bit of attention so it’d certainly be in the developer’s best interest to keep it in mind. There are two main modes that you can enjoy in the pocket edition of Minecraft. The first is of course the survival mode in which you do exactly what the name implies which is surviving. Players start off with absolutely nothing and are assigned the task of basically staying alive as long as they can. They’re given an inventory in which items can be stored and the rest is pretty much up to them; resources must be gathered, structures must be built for shelter, food must be eaten to stay alive, mobs must be fought off somehow. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the survival mode doesn’t really have a set in stone objective to accomplish which is in all honestly the beauty of the game since it gives the players a sense of freedom to do as they please. However, for the players who are in fact looking for a form of linear progression and objectives, they can aim to defeat the Ender Dragon which can basically be considered the final boss of the mode. The Ender Dragon is in no way an easy beast to take down and it will of course take a lot of time, dedication and skill to slay him but once you successfully manage to do so you’ll be given various kinds of incentives such as an immense amount of experience and a trophy item which will be a representation of your achievement. The great thing however is that even after slaying the dragon, you can proceed with your play by creating structures or harvesting resources which will be appreciated by many players since a lot of effort is generally put in and it would all be lost if the game session was terminated upon defeating the dragon. If you still don’t feel satisfied after beating the Ender Dragon, there’s another boss known as the Wither which will allow you to craft a beacon once defeated and this beacon can give access to various kinds of boosts that can enhance the experience quite a bit.

Mode Creative

The second mode and perhaps the most sought after one is the creative mode. This mode lets players use their creativity to the fullest and is perhaps the main reason behind so many impressive feats that players have managed to achieve in the game over the years. The creative mode has allowed people to replicate various real world landmarks, popular game personalities and so much more within the game of Minecraft itself and now it’s all possible on the go with the really well executed pocket version.


Moving further, another really feature that makes this edition so worthwhile is the fact that it comes with multiplayer play as long as you and your companion can play over a local wifi network. Sure, Minecraft is a great game to play and can provide hours upon hours of fun but after a while it can get slightly lonely which is why this feature is so great since it allows you to team up with a friend and enjoy the game together and it’s a pretty commonly agreed upon fact that a game naturally becomes a lot more enjoyable once you have someone to share the experience with. When you have a fellow player alongside you there are tons of activities to do such as slaying mobs together, harvesting resources more efficiently, slaying different kinds of mobs to get your hands on their loot and just exploring the massive world in all of its beauty. The fact that the multiplayer is over local wifi also means that it will most of the time be free of any lag or latency which leads to a smooth and fluid experience.

Last but certainly not least the pocket edition of Minecraft comes with tons of new things as well such as new biomes, unique mobs, villages, caves and the best part of it all is that everything is at your disposal and can be accessed whenever you want.


Perhaps the most unique thing about this version of Minecraft is that it comes with skins. There are many free skins that are available for download and use but alongside these there are also some premium quality skins that can be purchased with real world money which is perhaps to be expected since most large scale mobile based games tend to come bundled with various in-app purchases that can make the experience more enjoyable.

When all is said and the dust has settled, it’s only fair to conclude that the mobile based pocket edition of Minecraft is a really well executed port and although it has some minor issues here and there, it still does an excellent job of providing players with the much loved Minecraft experience while on the go.


Version 0.12.1 2015-09-10
Version 0.12.1.b11 2015-08-25
Version 0.12.1.b4 2015-08-05


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