Minecraft 1.10 Mods, News, Downloads


Minecraft 1.10 Mods, News, Downloads

Minecraft 1.10 is a major update to Minecraft, this version correct several bugs in Minecraft, adds 3 new mobs, makes some changes in the villages, Mobs, Biomes and adds some new Items, and brings news to the Nether.

A new option Auto-jump was added, which automatically makes the player jump when running into an obstacle of a time frame, Enabled by default, can be disabled in Options.


Minecraft 1.10 Mods, News, Downloads
Minecraft 1.10 Mods, News, Downloads and More

Village structures are not limited by biomes, which means that a village that starts on a valid biome can now spread into an adjacent invalid biome.

he Polar Bear will now be added in minecraft, Adults Bear and children born as random mobs liabilities ice plains, mountains of ice and ice Plains Spikes ice.

Husk a new mob to appear in minecraft 1.10 BabyHusk preview.png 80% of the zombies generated above ground in the desert, Desert Hills, and desert biomes M, will now be Husk.

Stray it is also a new mob for minecraft 1.10. 80% of skeletons that is generated above the ground on the ice plains, mountains of ice and Ice Plains Spikes biomes will Stray.

Minecraft 1.10 Mods

Many mods have been created for Minecraft 1.10 and we’re always updating the site with new mods for you, click to download mods for Minecraft 1.10.

Minecraft 1.10 Updates


Structure void
  • It is an intangible block used to indicate to the structure blocks that certain air blocks can be overridden by previously existing blocks in the destination.
    • Intended to be a replacement for the function barrier blocks used to convey (during early development), so they can form part of the structure itself.
  • They are invisible and have a small hitbox.
    • They are only visible when they are inside a structure being saved by a save structure blocks and the toggle option “show invisible blocks” is true.
  • Allows for empty spaces in a structure.
    • Unlike air, it will not overwrite blocks where it is loaded.
    • Example: If you load a 2 block high structure with air at the top and a structure void at the bottom into a 2 block high area of stone, the top block will become air but the bottom will stay stone.
Magma block
  • Found in the Nether, generating 4 veins per chunk between Y=27 and Y=36.
  • Crafted using four magma cream.
  • Mobs and players take 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every second while touching it, similar to a cactus.
    • Unlike cactus or fire, this block doesn’t destroy items that touch it.
    • Mobs avoid magma blocks that are in the way.
  • Most mobs don’t spawn on magma blocks. Exceptions are magma cubes, zombie pigmen, and squid.
  • If the player is sneaking, wearing Frost Walker-enchanted armor, or under the
    Fire Resistance
    effect, it does not take damage.
  • If the player dies by standing on it, a new death message will appear: “[Player] discovered floor was lava.”
    • If the player dies by the block, but after being damaged by a mob or player, the death message will be: “[Player] walked into danger zone due to [Mob or Player].”
  • Removes water blocks on top when randomly ticked.
  • It produces smoke particles under the rain.
  • It emits as much light as it receives from other sources.
    • e.g. A magma block next to a torch will emit light at level 13, as that was the light level it received from the torch.
      • If the torch were to be removed then it will search for the next brightest source of light; if no source is found then it will continue to emit the same amount of light as the torch.
      • It can emit daylight if it was exposed to the sun.
Nether wart block
  • Crafted by filling a 3×3 square in the crafting table with nether wart.
  • It cannot be crafted back into nether wart.
Red nether brick
Bone block
  • Crafted by filling a 3×3 square in the crafting table with Bone Meal.
  • Placing it in a crafting table yields 9 bone meal back.
  • Found underground in desert and swamps as part of the fossil structure


Spawn eggs


Chorus fruit
  • Can now teleport riders from their mounts.
Ender pearls
  • Can now teleport riders from their mounts.
Firework rocket
  • Recipe now produces three rockets rather than only one.
Fishing Rod
  • Can now pull items to the player


  • Can now shoot while on a boat
  • Can now rarely spawn in the Nether with a 1153 rate.
    • Compared to 100153 for zombie pigmen.
  • Can now naturally pick up netherrack
Magma cubes
  • Spawn about twice as often in the Nether.
    • The rate is now 2153, compared to 1151 before
  • Skeletons holding a tipped arrow in their off hand will now shoot that type of arrow.
    • This overrides strays’ normal shooting of slowness arrows.
    • The arrows in the off hand are not consumed.
  • Burning skeletons have a 50% chance of shooting flaming arrows if raw regional difficulty is 3 or greater.
  • Will drink a potion of fire resistance if they don’t already have the effect and the most recent damage taken (within the past 2 seconds) was fire damage.
  • No longer despawn.
  • The Zombie Generic Villager is removed, due to the new zombietype tag.
  • Chance of setting the target on fire when burning and duration of the effect now depends on raw regional difficulty.
    • Chance is now (30 × RegionalDifficulty)%; formerly 30% on Easy, 60% on Normal, 90% on Hard).
    • Duration is now 2 × floor(RegionalDifficulty) seconds; formerly 2 seconds on Easy, 4 on Normal, 6 on Hard.

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