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PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor

At this time the official version only supports 0.8.1 worlds: if you would like a 0.9.0-compatiable beta:

Download .apk for 0.9.0-compatiable beta of the free version

Download 0.9.0-compatiable beta of the free version from Google Play

Download 0.9.0-compatiable beta of the Pro version from Google Play

At this time there are no Amazon Appstore version of the 0.9.0 beta.

Thank you for your patience and support.

PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor 0.12.2,0.11.1,0.10.5
PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor 0.12.2,0.11.1,0.10.5

I’m currently making a Minecraft PE inventory editor for Android. With this tool, you will be able to give yourself more blocks and items without writing a single hexadecimal digit or connecting to a computer.

So far, I’m able to load the inventory and display it in a list view. You can save now, but the interface needs some work.

I currently do not have plans to port this to iOS. For iOS users, try editing your inventory on a computer with Jocopa3’s MCPEEdit inventory editor.


  • Loads and saves Pocket Edition level.dat files
  • Allows editing of all item slots – edit type id, damage value, and amount!
  • List of item IDs built into the app – just click “Browse”!
  • One-click backup of levels into a .zip file. Backups saved in games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds_backup/(world name)
  • Show player location
  • Change world time, spawn position
  • Edit game mode
  • Display player position and teleport the player
  • Add empty slots
  • Entities list – count mobs and, in the pro version, spawn or kill them
  • Copy the seed to the clipboard with the touch of a button
  • Loadouts
  • In the Pro version, modify text on signs and jumpstart reactors
PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor
PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor

Upcoming features for version 1.7.1:

  • Translations – Russian by evnemich and Simplified Chinese by jiayong
  • Edit armor slots

Back up your world before using!


by MinecraftXperiaPlay:


it uses SimpleNBT to read the NBT file used by Minecraft PE to store world data.
It uses a modified version of item-data.xml from TexasGamer’s itemid plugin.
This program incorporates a version of UniversalOfGaming’s Infinite Health mod.

The Pro edition includes a custom version of the aFileChooser library – go to https://github.com/z…ei/aFileChooser to see the modified files and license.

The Pro edition include colour values from PyMCLevel by the MCEdit authors: see https://github.com/m…ter/LICENSE.txt for license

Download PocketInvEditor MCPE Inventory Editor 0.13.2,0.14.0

Download .apk – 1.7.2

Download Beta! v1.7.1 beta 1

Source on GitHub – pull requests welcome!

Source part 2

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