TreeOres Mod for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4


TreeOres Mod – Check Out Why You Will Always Need It

Are you sick and fed up of always digging the ground in search of your metal, resources or even coal in the game of minecraft? Then this will definitely be perfect for you as it can be a real time saver with the TreeOres Mod.

Here is how it actually works

You get you first set of resources like iron, coal or even metal. Then after that, you build ore tree saplings which can be planted on the ground. Don’t let the leaves start dropping on the ground because such can attract drop rates a well.

TreeOres Mod DOwnload

TreeOres Mod 1.9.3TreeOres Mod MCPETreeOres Mod

TreeOres Mod 1.11 Features

  • A gold tree can be built
  • There is a chance of you not running out of metals
  • There is an addition of transformer as well as tree station

How to install TreeOres Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  2. Press start and type in %appdata%.
  3. Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  4. Locate to your mods folder.
  5. Copy the downloaded mod file into it.
  6. Open the Minecraft launcher and Enjoy

Download TreeOres Mod 1.11

Download version 1.0 for 1.8.9

Download version 1.2 for 1.8.0!

Download version 1.2 for 1.7.10
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