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Block Launcher PRO for Minecraft PE 0.15.9/0.15.0 APK

Block Launcher PRO APK Download

Block Launcher PRO – There are numerous mods additionally that make the amusement simple to play. Block Launcher is an essential utility that client find extremely powerful. It is utilized to apply mods and patches, in spite of the fact that this is by all account not the only thing it can do. Block Launcher PRO is utilized to fix distinctive server APIs. The client can utilize this component to modify the realistic moreover. This people groups who don’t have high determination to deal with the determination of the amusement according to their gadget. So now they can play effortlessly and with full greatness.

block launcher pro

The application is incompatible with some SAMSUNG DEVICES! Devices with Samsung Knox or other security solutions may not be able to use the live patch and Script Runtime BlockLauncher ModPE. Patch. Formatted-modern stains and texture packs still work. The fix is in the works.
BlockLauncher Pro is a Minecraft Pocket Edition custom launcher, which wraps around Minecraft PE and provides patch loading, texture packs, and server IPs.
(Formerly known as MCPELauncher)
This application may not work on all devices! Please try the free version before buying this version to make sure that the application is compatible.
Just choose options on the main screen, select mods. It is very easy!
This program carries from the currently installed copy of Minecraft PE, so it should be compatiable with the mod patching features of PocketTool and QuickPatch.
Users Jelly Bean: Currently, this application can not load original textures from copies of Minecraft installed by Google Play Android 4.1 and above. The built-in texture pack is used if no texture pack is selected.
– Patch unlimited PTPatches and ModPE scripts
– Loading the textures from any texture pack Pocket Edition-compatiable
– IPs patch servers

Block Launcher PRO 0.13.0,0.12.3 APK 0.11.1,0.10.5,0.9.5
Block Launcher PRO 0.13.0,0.12.3 APK 0.11.1,0.10.5,0.9.5

Block Launcher PRO Version History:

1.5.ultimate_answer_to_life_the_universe_and_everything: (December 9th, 2013)
– Experimental update for 0.8.0 build 8
– Available through the public beta channel only
1.5.5: (November 21th, 2013)
– Added support for HP Slate 7, Hisense Sero Lite 7, and other Rockchip devices
– ModPE scripts can now define custom blocks (thanks, MrARM and Byteandahalf)
– Item descriptions are now correctly shown in ModPE
– ModPE scripts can now control sneaking
– Added new translations by Kmcpe, PEmapmodder, MelomanCool, VasuZ, and Michal16
1.5.2: (November 11th, 2013)
-Added a new Croatian translation by QyMineAsap
-Added an updated Korean translation by KMCPE
-ModPE Script runtime can import longer scripts now
-Added experimental ModPE Script texture downloader to Pro
-Added support for coloured text in chat
-Fixed ModPE’s Level.setTile not taking block data – thanks to CheesyFriedBacon

Block Launcher PRO 0.12.3 APK
Block Launcher PRO 0.12.3 APK


Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.0 – APK (running Mods)


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