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How to Install Mods Minecraft 1.16.5/1.17 – Forge

How to Install Mods Minecraft 1.8.2 / 1.8.1 – Forge

Minecraft is a game full of creativity however falls short on several factors but nothing too alarming that can not be resolved, already thinking about the lack of a few things to the game, so known MODRS arose, mods makers today have various kinds mods that allow LHi place several additional things in the game .. However make use of them can be a bit stressful because they need to be properly installed in your game to come not spoil it, to install mods in minecraft is primarily need a MOD va that run all the other mods in the game, for it is the most advisable MINECRAFT FORGE.

Minecraft Forge is a tool that allows you to install mods and create a Minecraft server for the popular. Access thousands of mods for Minecraft To take hundreds and even thousands of mods available for Minecraft, you need a tool to install them. Minecraft Forge is one of the most used community Minecraft and is more compatible mods.

Minecraft Forge API may have the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands, but it is also an incredibly useful tool and absolutely necessary for modders who are trying to come up with their own maps, game types, items and other extras in Minecraft. And to update and change the values for basically everything included in the game, Minecraft Forge also allows users to modify textures and effectively create your own texture packs and resources, if they so wish. It is a complete tool, with everything you need to make the changes you want, all gathered in one place.

Install Mods Minecraft 1.8.2
Install Mods Minecraft 1.8.2

Installing Forge for Minecraft 1.8?

  1. Download Forge 1.8 .
  2. Open the launcher, click “Edit Profile” “Use version” select the version 1.8 release and save it in “Save Profile” . Give “Play” .
  3. After the game open and close it the launcher.
  4. Install the Forge 1.8 .
  5. Run the game with the profile of the Forge.
  6. precione Win + R type% appdata%.
  7. Open the .minecraft right after the Mods.
  8. Ready place all Mods for your version of Minecraft Forge and chosen.



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