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Minecraft forge API 1.11 It is certainly the biggest tool for Minecraft that allows the installation of mods and features in Minecraft, There’s no limit to what you can do with Minecraft’s mods. Mods are modifications that extend or change aspects of Minecraft. The creators of these modifications are players who want a feature in the official game. Resource packages, on the other hand, are images that replace the originals in Minecraft so that objects look different.

The images below are an example of what can be achieved with mods: the top image shows classic Minecraft without mods, wile the bottom shows Minecraft with a graphic mod. The difference is amazing.

Minecraft Forge API 1.9.3

Minecraft before and after applying the SEUS mod and the Chroma Hills package (source)

But how do you install mods? Minecraft doesn’t have an in-game option, meaning you have to use unofficial tools. After doing a bit of research, I found what appears to be the easiest system to install mods in Minecraft: Forge.

Minecraft Forge, the all-in-one system for mods

Minecraft mods used to have to be installed manually: you had to open the original game files (which are in minecraft.jar), copy the mod, and delete a folder called META-INF. Unfortunately, this isn’t allowed in the latest versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Forge is an accessory that was added to Minecraft, making it possible to create and install all kinds of mods. It’s updated regularly and you won’t need to modify the original files.

Minecraft Forge API

The main menu on Minecraft after installing Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge API 1.11 Changelog:

Build 1865: Boss bar render event (#2701)
Allow control over increment height
Build 1.9- Fix forge:default-block transformation. (#2760)
The first-person left-hand rotation was a little bit of.
Build 1.9- Expose a central place to access all of Vanilla and Forge’s registries using the new registry API.
Build 1.9- LexManos: Fix log spam from invalid key modifiers (#2746)
Build 1.9- Make WorldSavedData implement NBTSerializable (#2745)
Build 1.9- Don’t use import static with net.minecraft classes. Using the latest MCP snapshots this causes an import conflict. (#2742)
Build 1.9- Add cancelable event for Potions shifting the gui position (#2667)
Add cancelable event for Potions shifting the gui position
Build 1.9- Fix ForgeChunkManager world unloading check (#2736)
Build 1.9- Fix being kicked from server when climbing ladders.
Build 1.9- Fix potential desync between Forge’s Villager profession and vanilla’s int based system.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Minecraft Forge has a built in FML (ModLoader), you don’t need to install any.
  • It’s better to install Forge on a fresh installation of Minecraft.
  • Most of Forge mods will be installed inside .minecraft > mods folder.
  • Do a test run before installing any mods in Minecraft Forge.
  • Minecraft Forge is very often updated, make sure you have installed the latest version.

Minecraft Forge API

Minecraft Forge API Installation

Minecraft Forge comes with installer for easy installation of this excellent tool

  1. First you must download the installer.
  2. Click Install Client and click OK
  3. After installing, you will be created a new profile in your launcher with the installed version of the forge.
  4. Now you can install mods in your minecraft
    1. Go to Start and type “Run”
    2. Type %appdata%\.minecraft/mods
    3. Now move all the mod files that you downloaded (.jar or .zip files) to this folder.
  5. Enjoy

This mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.10

Download Minecraft Forge API

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