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TooManyItems for Minecraft PE 0.15.9/0.15.0 APK

TooManyItems MCPE APK – [Addon] MrARM

TooManyItems MCPE– Hello, today I bring a new mod for minecraft pocket edition is called too many items mod, it was developed by the young MrARM, a developer of mobile mods minecraft or MINECRAFT PE for those who prefer a reduced form of the name, the mod has several curious things to liven up the game as well as the possibility of having all game blocks, and have contact with all items of infinite form below gives you a small demosntraçao this awesome mod .. you can contact directly with the mod developer alert by your profile fORUM minecraft, the link is at the end of this post, for more instructions on installation and download error please contact me ..

TooManyItems Minecraft PE

How To install Too many Items v18 :

1.Download and open the .Apk File
2.Go to Blocklauncher.
3.In launcher options enable ‘Manage Addons’
4.Open up a World.
5.If there is an M button that means You have the Mod!

Mod by MrARM – All copyrights reserved for the creator.

Download TooManyItems MCPE APK


Download Toomanyitems for MCPE


v18:-Fixed buttons-Fixed compatibility with some other mods-Improved fall particles


-Initial release for 0.10



-Improved X-Ray a little (still buggy though)

-Moved the X-Ray button


-Fixed a bug that made hitting pigs impossible.

-Improved fall particles-Improved riding pigs-Minior fixes particles-Riding pigs update notifications-Added a “Back” button to main menu-Fixed bugs


-Fixed a bug with adding a new teleport on some devices



-Fly in survival!


-Made the lime dye reset the grass color


-Fixed some entity not removing, setting on fire, changing HP.



-Disable ticking


-Fixed a crash when tapping a block crashed the game


-Select button position

-Dye grass


-Heal and Kill

-Set respawn position

-Set nearby entities on fire, set nearby mobs HP


-Fixed spawning vilagger

-Made buttons bigger


-Day/Night switch

-Day/Night cycle switch

-Spawning entities

-Removing nearby entities



-Added creative support


-Survival/Creative switch

-Fixed spawn eggs

-Only the MCPE damage values now show up (if you find that a block is missing a damage value, report it)


-Fixed a bug, where Missing blocks would apper on the list

Source code:


-Fixed a bug on some devices, that made TMI not fit on the screen


-First native version!

-New UI

-0.9.0 blocks

-Support for custom blocks

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